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Why Activa!

Activa offers an unparalleled blend of precision, efficiency, and tailored reporting in medical billing. Our partnership approach aligns with your financial goals, allowing you to focus on patient care while we handle the complexities of billing and revenue cycle management.

Expertise in Medical Billing
Our specialized team brings a wealth of experience, ensuring your billing is managed by experts dedicated to the medical industry.
Maximized Revenue
With Activa, expect a thorough billing process that captures all entitled revenues, reducing leakages and boosting your bottom line.
Compliance and Security
We stay abreast of the latest healthcare regulations and compliance standards, offering you peace of mind that your billing is secure and compliant.
Customized Reporting
Our customized reports give you a clear view of your financials, empowering you with the knowledge to make informed decisions for your practice.

Activa’s Revenue Cycle Management

Activa's Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) is the financial heartbeat of your healthcare practice. Our systematic approach starts with patient registration and insurance verification, seamlessly transitioning into accurate coding and charge capture. We then take charge of claim submission, where our rigorous checks ensure compliance and reduce denials. As payments are processed and reconciled, our persistent follow-ups on denials and appeals keep your cash flow steady. Finally, detailed reporting provides insights for continual optimization. With Activa, each step is an opportunity to enhance revenue integrity and ensure your practice thrives financially.

Enhanced Financial Health with Activa

Outsourcing to Activa transforms your medical billing, reducing errors, increasing reimbursements, and offering transparent financial reporting to keep your practice financially healthy

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Navigating Success with Activa’s Medical Billing Journey

Embark on a seamless billing journey with Activa, where accuracy meets compliance. Our step-by-step approach ensures each phase of the billing cycle is handled with the utmost precision, guaranteeing peace of mind and maximized returns.
Patient Registration
Initiate a smooth billing cycle with accurate patient registration. Our team meticulously captures all necessary details, setting the stage for a flawless billing process.
Insurance Verification
We diligently verify insurance details, ensuring eligibility and coverage specifics are clear, preventing claim denials and delays down the line.
Coding and Charge Capture
Our certified coders assign appropriate codes for diagnoses and procedures, ensuring every charge is captured accurately for optimal reimbursement.
Claim Submission
Activa’s specialists ensure clean claim submission, using the latest software and stringent checks to reduce errors and expedite payments.
Denial Management
Activa tackles denials proactively, with a strategic approach to analyze, correct, and appeal denied claims to secure your earnings.
Reporting and Analysis
Gain actionable insights with our comprehensive reporting, helping you make informed decisions to enhance your practice's financial performance.

Success Stories

Activa's medical billing service turned our financials around. The precision and attention to detail mean claims are processed swiftly, and revenues are up.

Kelly Mitchell

- Nuvo Construction

Since we started working with Activa, our billing cycle is more efficient, and our denial rates have plummeted. Truly a trustworthy partner.

James Irwin

- White Sale Linen

The team at Activa is remarkable. They took the time to understand our specific billing needs, resulting in improved cash flow and happier patients.

Adam Bennett

- WT Fast

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